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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us



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Eleni Boukouvala is a trip enthusiast,born in Athens and has been working as an English teacher and a school psychologist for over 20 years. Her passion expands to continuous traveling,healthy diet and workouts and baking sweet-heathy treats.


Named after the Mad Men character, the Land Ark Draper RV exudes mid-century simplicity. The exterior of the 30-foot, tri-axle affair is clad in black corrugated metal siding, while the interior has white-washed pine on the walls and ceilings with vinyl plank flooring for reduced maintenance. A mudroom provides ample storage and space to remove [...]

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Overlooking a lake in the Scottish Highlands, the Lochside House was constructed with great respect to its setting. The off-grid dwelling is made from prefabricated panels for minimal impact on the natural environment. The structure also minimizes its energy use with solar panels and its own water supply, sewage treatment, and electrical systems. Made up [...]

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Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel

Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel / Crete Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel is a personalized, customized, unique and individual hotel with a unique architecture & design style, offers high end technology and great attention to detail. Our hotel combines exceptional standard of comfort with the finest linen, Jacuzzi bath, a mini bar in every room [...]


People used to travel to Iceland's Blue Lagoon for its skin-healing properties. Now, they'll go for the sleek accommodations. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon is a brand new expansion consisting of 62 private suites, a restaurant, and spa. The addition takes cues from the natural landscape, embedding itself into the contours of the volcanic formations. [...]

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Από πότε ο Μίκυ Μάους περπατάει στην πασαρέλα;

Από τότε που το διασημότερο ποντίκι στον κόσμο αποφάσισε να φορέσει λευκό και μαύρο τι-σερτ και να πρωταγωνιστήσει σε αφίσες σε παιδικά δωμάτια, σε λευκώματα, ακόμη και τζιν μπουφάν… Είναι πολύ χαριτωμένος. Και εξαιρετικά φωτογενής. Και ειδικά τη σεζόν που διανύουμε, ο Μίκυ Μάους μοιάζει να ζει και να κυκλοφορεί ανάμεσά μας. Όχι ότι και [...]

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Ο Karl Lagerfeld έκανε και πάλι το θαύμα του για τον οίκο Chanel.

Είναι από τις στιγμές που η μόδα σκηνοθετεί το απόλυτο παραμύθι. Γιατί, κάθε έξι μήνες, ο ιστορικός οίκος δημιουργεί στο Grand Palais στο Παρίσι, ένα μαγικό σκηνικό, μια υπερπαραγωγή με αρχή, μέση και τέλος, ένα έργο που παρακολουθείς με κομμένη την ανάσα.  

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Oxford Street Christmas Lights

You know Christmas is coming when Oxford Street is transformed by sparkly, glowing lights. This year, the shopping hub will be home to 1,778 decorations (and 750,000 LED lightbulbs) inspired by falling snowflakes, plus the addition of new purple baubles. It’s the fifty-ninth year the road has been decorated for the festive period and the [...]

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Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London

Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London The hype is totally justified in this lofty Asian hotel, where perfect rooms come with the best views in town. Making a splash even before it had opened, the Shangri-La continues to impress with its breathless list of highest this, that and the other – notably highest swimming pool [...]

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Ο οίκος Acqua di Parma καλωσορίζει το νέο άρωμα Colonia Sandalo Eau De Cologne Concentrée

Οι δροσερές νότες εσπεριδοειδών της Colonia γίνονται ένα με το πλούσιο, κρεμώδες σανδαλόξυλο και δημιουργούν μια αναπάντεχη και συναρπαστική ευωδιά. Η Colonia Sandalo, μια αυθεντική επανερμηνεία του εμβληματικού αρώματος της Acqua di Parma, είναι το νέο και πολυτελές Eau de Cologne Concentrée του οίκου. Το άρωμα κρατά όλη την παράδοση της Colonia, εισάγοντας ένα στοιχείο [...]

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‘Oniropetra” boutique hotel

''Oniropetra'' boutique hotel - Karpenisi We are a group of young people full of fresh ideas, energy and passion for this special hometown of ours. Therefore, we wanted to create a unique place in order for you to have the holiday of a lifetime. Oniropetra is characterized by hospitality and warmth which you can feel [...]

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