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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us



About Manos

Manos Athinaios is a Greek citizen of the world, professional dj and radio music producer. He was born in Athens and since the age of 20 he has been engaging with music, radio stations, internet radio traveling and social media.

European Best Destinations 2019

Budapest, Hungary Braga, Portugal   Monte Isola, Italy Metz, France Poznan, Poland Málaga, Spain Geneva, Switzerland Cavtat, Croatia Bratislava, Slovakia Athens, Greece Sun, gastronomy, culture, nightlife, monuments, the sea, a blue sky…Welcome to Athens, one of the best destinations in Europe! Athens is in the top 15 destinations every year and all year through it [...]

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track of the dayNOVA – Chega de Saudade – Antônio Carlos Jobim

Vai minha tristeza E diz a ela Que sem ela não pode ser Diz-lhe numa prece Que ela regresse Por que eu não posso mais sofrer Chega de saudade A realidade É que sem ela não há paz Não há beleza É só tristeza E a melancolia Que não sai de mim Não sai de [...]

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track of the day/La route Natasha St Pier duo avec Jonathan Roy

the Rhythm the sensations and hallucinations at the limit ...

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track of the day/Il Volo – Grande amore

Grande amore is the winning song of the 65th edition of the Sanremo Festival interpreted by the lyric pop trio Il Volo. Although it seems to have been written on purpose to fit the powerful and versatile voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, the piece has contested a rickety relay before crossing the finish line "Il [...]

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Trevor Horn / Reimagines: The Eighties

Legendary producer Trevor Horn, often credited with ‘inventing the 80s’, now ‘reimagines’ the decade with a newly announced album of eighties classics recorded with ‘the Sarm Orchestra’ and a string of guest vocalists including Robbie Williams, Seal and Tony Hadley. Reimagines: The Eighties (feat. The Sarm Orchestra) has some similarities with the recently announced 80s [...]

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Love Me Tender mix…

Nikko Patrelakis - Roam. Nikko Patrelakis hooverphonic - mad about you. Hooverphonic Love is a matter of distance - Will young. Une belle histoire - Michel fugain. Al Green & Annie Lennox - Put a Little Love in Your Heart. All Out of Love - Air Supply. Air Supply Elvis Costello - She . Elvis [...]

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Pet Shop Boys – The forgotten child

Pet Shop Boys release today “The forgotten child", the fourth and final song from their “Agenda” EP which is now available to stream, download or watch as lyric videos on YouTube from the links below. "Agenda" can also be pre-ordered now on CD exclusively with this year’s issue of “Annually” as well as on 12-inch [...]

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track of the day/Chiara Civello – Io che amo solo te ft. Chico Buarque C'è gente che ha avuto mille cose, tutto il bene, tutto il male del mondo. Io ho avuto solo te e non ti perderò, non ti lascerò per cercare nuove avventure C'è gente che ama mille cose e si perde per le strade del mondo. Io che amo solo te io mi fermerò e [...]

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Το νέο ρολόι του οίκου Hermes που δείχνει τις φάσεις της Σελήνης

Arceau L’Heure De La Lune είναι το επίσημο όνομα που δόθηκε από τον οίκο Hermes, στο νέο ρολόι που αναμένεται να κυκλοφορήσει. Το ρολόι χαρακτηρίζουν δύο πλωτά καντράν, που προβάλλουν την ώρα και την ημερομηνία. Τα δύο καντράν κινούνται περιμετρικά μέσα στο λευκόχρυσο κάδρο, καλύπτοντας και αποκαλύπτοντας, δύο σταθερά φεγγάρια, υποδεικνύοντας έτσι τις φάσεις της [...]

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Το νέο θρίλερ που «παίζει» με τα όρια μας

ψυχολογικό θρίλερ The Prodigy, του Nicholas McCarthy. Η υπόθεση του φιλμ εστιάζει σε έναν πιτσιρικά, τον ‘Miles’, τον οποίο υποδύεται ο Jackson Robert Scott. Πρόκειται για μία ιδιόρρυθμη περίπτωση παιδιού, του οποίου η συμπεριφορά και η αντίληψη διαφέρει εξαιρετικά από εκείνη των συνομηλίκων του, με τον μικρό να αποδεικνύεται απίστευτα εύστροφος αλλά και πολύ περίεργος [...]

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