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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and supporting energy levels throughout a busy day start with breakfast. Sugary cereals, processed energy bars, or even a bagel spike your blood sugar levels and leave you crashing before lunch. These quick and easy breakfast recipes will help you maintain energy levels throughout a hectic day and are effortless to [...]

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No Gym? No Problem! Try These 6 Easy and Effective At-Home Ab Moves

Core strength isn't rocket science. No need to overthink this. Below are six exercises. You've seen them before. You've done them before. You've wished they worked before. The difference? You'll be doing them in a sequence that is most conducive to targeting your core muscles. The added bonus? You'll only be doing one set of [...]

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34 Easy High-Protein Breakfasts That’ll Help You Lose Weight

Jumpstart your results with the right breakfast. Eat breakfast. Eat protein. If you're trying to lose weight—or just eat and live a bit healthier—those are two tips you shouldn't ignore. And, if you combine them by starting each day with a high-protein breakfast, well, you're pretty much unstoppable. "Eating at least 30 grams of protein [...]

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5 Worst Habits for Heart Health

America’s heart is breaking—but you have the power to mend it. Cardiovascular disease accounts for about one in three deaths in the U.S., with over 2,200 Americans dying of cardiovascular disease each day, according to the American Heart Association. Most doctors agree that prevention is the best tool for fighting the condition. You Think Foods [...]

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Los Loros.

Centered in the heart of Athens, Los Loros offers colombian and venezuelan street food with arepas as a main dish. Chef Marko Rossi and food editor Maro Paraskevoudi is the dynamic combo behind this little place. The main goal of the team is to offer homemade food with a gluten free menu, designed to please [...]

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Set Your Alarms! A Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse, AND Supermoon Are All Appearing This Month

Mark your calendars and set your alarms now, space buffs, because a rare celestial event is taking place later this month. On Jan. 31, a so-called "Super Blue Blood Moon" is set to appear, as a supermoon, blue moon, and total lunar eclipse become visible at the same time. Talk about a triple threat — [...]

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Announcing the 2018 Oscar Nominations!

After a lengthy award season full of exciting wins and not-so-exciting snubs, the 2018 Oscar nominations have finally arrived. Surprising absolutely no one, movies like The Shape of Water, Call Me By Your Name, and the controversial Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri were recognized in multiple categories. Actors like Frances McDormand, Alison Janney, and Gary [...]

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How To Get More Energy When You’re Just So Tired

Sometimes it feels like there are simply not enough gallons of coffee, banger Rihanna tracks, or naps in the world to keep you running at a human level of energy all day long. That's NBD if it happens occasionally, but if you're perpetually exhausted, that's generally considered abnormal. "If you wake up and never feel [...]

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6 Fat-Burning Foods For Winter

It seems like diet sabotage is everywhere you look this season. But it's not just about sugary office treats and endless holiday party spreads; some of the most common Winter foods actually help, not hurt, your waistline. Want to know which ones? Dark Chocolate Your favorite indulgence actually includes two ingredients that are known to [...]

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5 Steps to a Healthy New Year and a New You

Setting Goals Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be able to run up and down your stairway without becoming winded? Do you want to reduce cholesterol or lower your blood pressure? Decide what you want to achieve over the next month, and over the next year. One possible goal for your [...]

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