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Rami Malek Rocks as Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Throughout the 10-year effort to bring to movie screens the saga of the wonderfully strange, outrageously gifted rock band Queen, whether or not the film would be worth watching always hinged on one make-or-break factor. Who could possibly play rock god Freddie Mercury, one of the most charismatic, seductive, outrageous and golden-voiced front men in [...]

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Nike’s Vaporfly 4% Runner Is So Good It Might Actually Be Too Good

As it so often is, history was made in Berlin on September 16. Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge smashed the marathon world record with a time of 2:01:39. To put this astonishing feat into context, that’s the equivalent of running 100 meters in 17.3 seconds and continuing at the same pace for another 26.2 miles. The [...]

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Natural Alternatives To Viagra

Viagra turned 20 in 2018! While most men aren’t openly talking about their erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments, thanks to popular culture, we all know about this little blue pill. It’s far from the end all be all and there are a number of lifestyle modifications and natural remedies that can have the same effect. In [...]

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”Mammoth” slow food-Vrillisia Athens

Mammoth-slowfood day restaurant serves and delivers tasty, healthy, clean food in reasonable prices. Visit us and....enjoy " M a m m o t h 's " power ;-) fbpage   http://www.mammoth-slow-food.gr/           Living Postcards

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Authentic Greek Delights.

''Lukumades'' Authentic Greek Delights. WHAT MAKES THE ULTIMATE LUKUMADES? SIMPLICITY, FRESHNESS, PURE MATERIALS, GREEK HONEY, AUTHENTICITY, CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Why we are always ending up complicated things ? Having this in mind, we decided to create a simple yet modern space offering the all-time classic and beloved round and crisp lukumades with honey and cinnamon. The [...]

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The Health Benefits of Watermelon

Loaded With Lycopene The cheery red color comes from lycopene, an antioxidant. Studies show it may help curb your risk of cancer and diabetes as part of a healthy lifestyle. Watermelon has more of this nutrient than any other fruit or veggie -- even tomatoes. To load up on lycopene, choose a melon with bright [...]

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6 Ways to Debloat in 36 Hours

Need to lose 10 pounds in two days? While unfortunately that's not possible, our simple de-bloating plan can make it look like you did just that!     Buy Some Ginger Before you can throw yourself in this debloating plan, you’ll need to stock up on supplies. The first must-have? Fresh ginger, a root that’s [...]

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5 Nuts Better than Supplements and Protein Powder

You Have High Cholesterol ALMONDS Besides being an easy go-to snack that you can whip out of your bag during a good ol’ 9-5 shift, almonds are also chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals, with vitamin E and biotin being the most predominant. Those nutrients enable your skin to remain smooth and gives your lush [...]

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6 Ways to Energize Your Day

We’ve curated 5 of our favorite foods to give you the energy you need all day. Enough with the quick caffeine fix or sugars spurts, try this! Avocado Avocado’s are loaded with the good fats that give you long lasting energy. If you consume avocados in the morning it will help reduce that afternoon brain [...]

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Pasaji Athens.

Pasaji welcomes you in one of the most breathtaking ‘passages’ of the center of Athens, in Spiromiliou Archade in Citylink and invites you to taste unique fusion dishes, a wide selection of wines and signature cocktails. Pasaji is one of the best well secrets hidden in the busy center of Athens that constitutes the ideal [...]

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