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Melanopetra Boutique Hotel

Melanopetra Boutique Hotel at Nisyros Island. A two-storey beautiful restored villa of two luxury apartments located in the core of the traditional village of Emporios with magnificent sea view. Melanopetra is uniquely situated in the core of the preserved traditional village Emporios in Nisyros, at an altitude of about 400 meters above the caldera. It [...]

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These Photos of a Frozen Niagara Falls Are Absolutely Stunning

The East Coast was slammed this week by a "bomb cyclone" weather phenomenon. A "bombogenesis" is a low-pressure weather system similar to a hurricane. In addition to freezing temperatures, the storm brought snow, ice, and strong winds up and down the coast and into Canada. The weather left Niagara Falls, which lie both in upstate [...]

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Kapari Natural Resort Imerovigli

Kapari Natural Resort Imerovigli, Santorini The ideal mix’n’match: The distinctive Cycladic tradition meets minimalism! Located in the gorgeous village of Imerovigli, boasting a majestic view of the caldera, KAPARI Natural Resort is an exclusive sanctuary that invites you to experience the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation of your life. A 300 year old, recently restored, [...]

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The vibrant city of Amsterdam glows with festive cheer during the Winter months. The colder months are a magical time to visit the Dutch capital to indulge in hearty food, outdoor ice skating, and cozy cafes. The Amsterdam Light Festival transforms the city with endless light installations throughout the canals, streets, and landmarks.    

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The 8 Best Cities in the World For Well-Being

In the past, cities have been made popular by their fundamental energy — one that makes it a fun place to live, work, or play. In recent years, there has been a switch from this buzz to balance. There's an increasing number of cities around the world that are gaining popularity for their ability to [...]

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Elakati Luxury Boutique Hotel

''Elakati Luxury Boutique Hotel'' - Rhodes Island. The Elakati (distaff), was a little more than a necessary tool to spin, it was the symbol of women. The Boutique Hotel was given the name Elakati as weaving was an important tradition for women in ancient Greece. Weaving produced one of the major exports and women who [...]

Agios Sostis Mykonos Island

Villa Biancamo- Agios Sostis Mykonos Island Refined luxury, the perfect location, a majestic view ! Welcome to Villa Biancamo. Villa Biancamo consists of 3 separate maisonettes "Crystallo" (6 persons), "Mosaico" (6 persons) and "Angelo"(2-4 persons). Crystallo and Mosaico may also be connected. Set in an acre of land, only 350 metres from the majestic Agios [...]

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Visit 5 of the Happiest Places in the World

What does it mean to be happy? Some say its having a sense of purpose or feeling financially secure while others believe its in being present or spiritually fulfilled. Whatever it may be, there are certain cities around the world that seem to have a better idea than the rest. From Denmark to New Zealand [...]

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Beautiful Beaches Where Clothing Is 100% Optional

If you're one of those people who just loathes having tan lines, then may I suggest you check out a beach where clothing is completely optional? Yes, there are a slew of beaches across the world where nudity is celebrated and no one has a care in the world. Paradise Beach, Greece Paradise Beach in [...]

The Top Travel Destinations of 2018 no 2

ESSAOUIRA, MOROCCO Travelers who prefer the slow pace of a coastal town over a bustling and dense city will be entranced by Essaouira. Known as a port and resort center, Africa's windy city is as popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing as it is for pure relaxation. Walk along its beaches and through the vibrant medina, [...]

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