Natural Right – Anna

NATURAL RIGHT were originally formed in Reading, UK in 2004 as The Unsuccessfuls. Alex Rivers and Emil Rivers, originally from Athens (Greece), moved to the UK from Lisbon (Portugal) where the brothers were raised. The line up included Andy Whitaker (Bass), Keith Campbell (Drums), Roger Farnell (Saxophone) and Haris Staboulidis (Lead Guitar). The band toured extensively around the UK, achieving good radioplay and rave reviews for their “Sweet Lies” EP. The music was as a blend of ska, punk and blues with elements of progressive rock. Today the band are based between Athens and London and comprise of Alex Rivers (Vocals, Guitar), Emil Rivers (Piano, Keys), John Mckenzie (Bass), Adreas Lampropoulos (Drums), Nick Sowts (Guitar), James Knight (Sax, Brass), Karlos Edwards (Perc./Drums). The band focus on their own brand of Reggae Rock and are about to release their first Single & EP including tracks “Control”, “Hurt”, “Comfort Me” and “Anna”. The band are currently working with Producer/Mixer Simon “Barny” Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Placebo…) at his recording studio deep in the Kentish country side and plan to tour the UK and Europe extensively, releasing singles & EPs before finishing a full length debut album.

Electric Light Orchestra – Livin’ Thing

George Mavridis ( joze) – The Hook (Το αγκίστρι) (George Mavridis Re-edit)

Sergio Fernandez – Lullaby (Original Mix)

Asaf Avidan – A Part Of This

Its understood that you don’t wanna be a part of this
although you could
but you have grown apart from this
and I for one am sick of running in these circles dear
and I for one would love the sound of your voice in my ear
it’s crystal clear
although I am here
I am not a part of this

Its overdue, so let’s go put an end to this
You know its true, why don’t you put an end to this?
Our time is gone
what was is gone its only memory
That kick us out
Lets end this song with your voice telling me
Its crystal clear
Although I am here
I am not a part of this

I think I knew that it would have to end like this
I am blaming you
But I am as much to blame in this
Its seems my heart right from the start was always split in two
It is so far from what you are and what I have made of you
Its crystal clear I wasn’t here
I am not a part of this
I am not a part of this
I am not a part of this
I am not a part of this
Its crystal clear I wasn’t here
I have never been a part of this.