After teaming up with Beyonce for an acoustic rendition of his No. 1 hit, the British singer releases an orchestral version of the song featuring the Italian tenor.


Ed Sheeran has just unleashed another reboot of his hit song “Perfect”. After enlisting Beyonce Knowles for the acoustic version, he continues the surprise collaboration by having Andrea Bocelli join him in the newly-released track, which is billed as “Perfect Symphony”.

The new song arrived on early Friday, December 15 as promised via Spotify. While the 30-second preview features the Italian tenor singing parts of the song in Italian, the British redhead also sings some lines in Italian on the full track.

“Perfect” currently sits at No. 1 on the singles charts in the U.S., U.K. and Australia after Sheeran reworked the Divide song into a duet with Beyonce. Now with Bocelli on board — a legend in his field with more than 80 million album sales and eight career top 10 titles on the Billboard 200 — “Perfect Symphony” should challenge for the U.K.’s coveted Christmas No. 1 spot.