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The 8 Best Cities in the World For Well-Being

In the past, cities have been made popular by their fundamental energy — one that makes it a fun place to live, work, or play. In recent years, there has been a switch from this buzz to balance. There's an increasing number of cities around the world that are gaining popularity for their ability to [...]

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Beautiful Beaches Where Clothing Is 100% Optional

If you're one of those people who just loathes having tan lines, then may I suggest you check out a beach where clothing is completely optional? Yes, there are a slew of beaches across the world where nudity is celebrated and no one has a care in the world. Paradise Beach, Greece Paradise Beach in [...]

The Top Travel Destinations of 2018 no 2

ESSAOUIRA, MOROCCO Travelers who prefer the slow pace of a coastal town over a bustling and dense city will be entranced by Essaouira. Known as a port and resort center, Africa's windy city is as popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing as it is for pure relaxation. Walk along its beaches and through the vibrant medina, [...]

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The Top Travel Destinations of 2018

If there's one resolution you actually commit to in 2018, let it be travel. It may not be your typical fitness or organization-oriented goal, but it can make you richer in terms of self-growth, new experiences, and even personal happiness. And all of that is far more valuable than any annual goal you usually make. [...]

Paris, Je T’aime

Always a bit of romance in your step after a visit to the city of love. Always looking for a reason to visit this beautiful city... Until next time!

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Lagos, Portugal

Portugal is having its moment. Portugal is to summer 2017 what Iceland was to summer 2016, and Thailand to summer 2015. For nature, history, and wine, there’s nothing new about the allure of Portugal. For our top trending city, we go down to the Algarve and pick out Lagos, a city that’s been on the [...]

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Florence, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, and land of the Renaissance, was as beautiful as I thought it would be, and more. We spent about two days just walking around, having the most delicious (HUGE) €5 sandwiches at All'antico Vinaio and creamy rich gelato at Gelatoteca Santa Trinita. The uber chic Gucci Museo and Gucci [...]

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Venice was a quaint and enchanting city I could only dream of getting lost whilst exploring its many charming streets and walking by its numerous canals. I was really happy to finally take this opportunity to visit on our trip to Italy for my friend's wedding. We took a quick boat ride into town every [...]

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Rome: Trevi Fountain

“Too crowded too beautiful ” What an energy this place has,especially after the renovation.Yet,the crowds are too many and during all day long you can not enjoy sitting on a bench and watch the waters on this beautiful monument. Better at night when there are many tourists but not too many to push you around. [...]

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Everybody knows or has been to Eternal City,the gorgeous and impressive Roma,yet sometimes we need some special tips and places to be in order to live as a Roman and feel the Roman experience We spent 4 days in Rome and we walked 45 km(...) It is not as intimidating as it sounds Rome is [...]

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