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Ένα λεπτό Αθήνα

Ένα λεπτό Αθήνα: Η έκθεση για την αρχιτεκτονική προσωπικότητα της πόλης Μια μεγάλη ομάδα περιηγήθηκε στην κλασική Αθήνα, μνημεία και εμβληματικά κτήρια, ενώ μια δεύτερη εστίασε σε αρχιτεκτονικές λεπτομέρειες. Το «Ένα Λεπτό Αθήνα» σηματοδοτεί έναν διάλογο σε εξέλιξη για την αρχιτεκτονική και την Αθήνα του καθενός μας. Η κάμερα του κινητού κατέγραψε ένα μικρό, πολύτιμο [...]

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Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel

Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel / Crete Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel is a personalized, customized, unique and individual hotel with a unique architecture & design style, offers high end technology and great attention to detail. Our hotel combines exceptional standard of comfort with the finest linen, Jacuzzi bath, a mini bar in every room [...]

‘Oniropetra” boutique hotel

''Oniropetra'' boutique hotel - Karpenisi We are a group of young people full of fresh ideas, energy and passion for this special hometown of ours. Therefore, we wanted to create a unique place in order for you to have the holiday of a lifetime. Oniropetra is characterized by hospitality and warmth which you can feel [...]

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Lefkada Island

When Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Socrates Onassis bought the lovely island of Skorpios back in the 50´s, Lefkada gained prominence as a world renowned tourist destination. The simplicity of its villages and traditional way of living of the locals untouched by the modern civilization, combined with breathtaking wilderness and pristine beautiful beaches, makes Lefkada unique. [...]

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Paxos – Redefining exclusivity

The Paxos islands has a magnetic beauty, quiet sophistication and a cosmopolitan world view that attracts lifelong admirers. Paxos is an ideal getaway for memorable nights, peaceful stays, leisurely strolls, and quiet beaches. Kick start you vacation by diving in the azure blue waters of Sarakiniko beach in Antipaxos Island; soak in the sun at [...]

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Cool Soap

Cool Soap Natural soaps are not a family tradition. We do not have our own olive trees from which we make olive oil that we can then use to make soaps. In fact, up to 2012, the only link we had to olive oil was enjoying it in our cooking. And as far as soap [...]

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Xenia Hotel

''Poros Image'' Xenia Hotel Poros Image Hotel is is a masterpiece created by the famous architect Aris Konstantinidis. It is surrounded by the forest of Poros Island, one unique landscape of Saronicos Colf. The hotel is situated in a privileged location next to Neorio, offering an amazing view to Poros Town as well as to [...]

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Corfu (Kadounia)

Corfu (Kadounia) – the Venetian masterpiece Corfu, once a seat of the British High Commissioner during the colonial era, and the biggest of the islands is really beautiful. The town of Corfu offers the best of colonial history, Venetian architecture homes, pristine beaches, old world castles, and colourful alleys with well preserved traditional details dotting [...]

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Thalassa Boutique Hotel

Thalassa Boutique Hotel / Rethymno Welcome to an exclusive - right on the beach, experience in the heart of Réthymno's city. Thalassa Boutique Hotel sits on a building with 150 years of history, only to fully renovate it from the ground up starting from the 2017 season - and redefine the level of comfort and [...]

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“Pritanio” Guesthouse Lakonia

Our Guesthouse is located in Tsintzina, a village in the heart of Mt. Parnon, in an altitude of 1100m. The surrounding forests are full of Pines and Fir trees and contain a lot of springs. At Pritanio you will find 11 rooms, 2 quad rooms, 2 triple rooms and 7 double rooms. Our guesthouse is [...]

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