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Villa Zeus Temple

Beautiful limestone flooring. State of the art kitchens. Sleek fittings and finishing. Our Luxury Collection epitomises our commitment to quality materials and exquisite design. Innovative and bold, each villa in the Collection has been designed by a team of expert craftsmen. The result is a beautiful contemporary villa, tailored to your individual requirements. Each of [...]

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Verina Suites Villas and Astra

The well known Verina Suites and Pool bar is located in Platys Gialos of Sifnos, the longest and most cosmopolitan beach of the island. Just 50 meters from the beach, surrounded by olive groves and nice gardens, Verina is an exclusive complex comprised of 4 apartments and 2 separate suites in line with the traditional [...]


A Cycladic island where you’ll want hiking boots as well as flip flops to explore the villages and natural beauty of the island. “Sifnos Trails”, the network of paths that has been developed on the island in recent years is one of the largest in Aegean, with over 100km to explore. There are 19 routes [...]

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Patmos is a strong contender for the island with the prettiest Chora (main village), built around the Monastery dedicated to St John the Theologian who is believed to have penned the Book of Revelation on the island. An ideal time to visit is during the International Film Festival of Patmos in July and the Patmos [...]

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Η παραλία που βρίσκεται κοντά στην Αθήνα με υπέροχα νερά

H παραλία Βύθουρη βρέχεται από το Αιγαίο, έχει άγρια ομορφιά, και δεν είναι τουριστική, συνεπώς, πηγαίνοντας εκεί θα πρέπει να είστε εφοδιασμένοι με νερό και τρόφιμα. Αυτή την παραλία την αγαπούν ιδιαίτερα και οι ελεύθεροι κατασκηνωτές. Πώς θα πάτε Ξεκινώντας από Χαλκίδα κατευθυνόμαστε προς Βόρεια Εύβοια – Νέα Αρτάκη. Στο κέντρο της Νέας Αρτάκης στρίβουμε [...]

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Boutique Hotel Rizes

Boutique Hotel Rizes - Serifos Island The hotel "RIZES" opened its doors in May 2010. It is located in Serifos, one of the beautiful islands of Cyclades. Hotel Rizes is a new hotel that consists of 14 independent apartments of 40-50m2 and 2 suites (senior and superior) of 60 and 97m2, each suite features a [...]

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The Myconian Avaton

We may only be 3 months in 2018, but we are ready for a vacation, and we are sure you are as well. Today we get a look at a beautiful destination that is sure to provide some rest and relaxation. Today we get a look at The Myconian Avaton, a beautiful hotel that is [...]

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Arte & Mare Elia Mykonos Suites

Arte & Mare Elia Suites is a luxury boutique hotel offering 20 distinct suites with an amazing combination of colors located at Elia Beach in Mykonos. It is a brand new establishment, first opened in 2008, and a creative collaboration of a Greek and an Italian leading architect. Its distinctive architecture is the result of [...]

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”Villa Patriko”

''Villa Patriko'' - Crete Villa Patriko is an old traditional mansion whose renovation was completed in 2015 with lots of love and passion from the new owners. In the villa Patriko the traditional way of living meets the luxury and the modern amenities. Stone walls and arches, wooden doors and ceilings, noble furniture, lights and [...]

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10 extraordinary hotel pools

The Sarojin Khao Lak, Thailand "You can sit at the pool and still hear the waves crash of the ocean only meters away."   Velassaru Maldives Velassaru Island, Maldives "Feel the worries and stress dissipate with each day… each dive into crystal blue waters."   Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island, New Zealand "If you are after [...]