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Instagram launches walkie-talkie voice messaging

You’d think Facebook would be faster at copying itself. Five years after Facebook Messenger took a cue from WhatsApp and Voxer to launch voice messaging, and four months after TechCrunch reported Instagram was testing its own walkie-talkie feature, voice messaging is rolling out globally on Instagram Direct today. Users can hold down the microphone button [...]

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Με ασύρματη φόρτιση έρχονται τα νέα AirPods της Apple

Οι φήμες θέλουν τα ακουστικά αυτά να έχουν καλύτερη αντίσταση στο υγρό στοιχείο, ενσωμάτωση “Hey Siri” και πολλά ακόμη. Τα AirPods, τα ασύρματα ακουστικά της Apple, θα κυκλοφορήσουν με ένα αναβαθμισμένο μοντέλο με υποστήριξη ασύρματης φόρτισης, το πρώτο τρίμηνο του 2019. Επίσης πρόκειται να κυκλοφορήσει στην αγορά ένα νέο μοντέλο με διαφορετικό σχεδιασμό που θα [...]

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Balenciaga Adds Clear Air Unit to Its Triple S Sneakers

The shoe that took the chunky sneaker to new heights has just released with a slight update. Balenciaga‘s thick, three-layer Triple-S sneaker has just come out with an air-bubble unit. Most likely taking notes from the comments regarding the weight and rigidity of the shoe, Balenciaga has gone and added a full-length air unit for [...]

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Nike Releases Air Max 97 Plus in Black with Reflective Details

Nike unveils the Air Max Plus 97 hybrid sneaker in a sleek monochromatic scheme. The latest iteration features an all-over tonal black colorway with reflective accents on the wave-like uppers to boot. As far as construction goes, the shoe is equipped with a leather and mesh upper combination alongside the foam midsole with Max-Air cushioning [...]

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Ο οίκος Acqua di Parma καλωσορίζει το νέο άρωμα Colonia Sandalo Eau De Cologne Concentrée

Οι δροσερές νότες εσπεριδοειδών της Colonia γίνονται ένα με το πλούσιο, κρεμώδες σανδαλόξυλο και δημιουργούν μια αναπάντεχη και συναρπαστική ευωδιά. Η Colonia Sandalo, μια αυθεντική επανερμηνεία του εμβληματικού αρώματος της Acqua di Parma, είναι το νέο και πολυτελές Eau de Cologne Concentrée του οίκου. Το άρωμα κρατά όλη την παράδοση της Colonia, εισάγοντας ένα στοιχείο [...]

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Nike’s Vaporfly 4% Runner Is So Good It Might Actually Be Too Good

As it so often is, history was made in Berlin on September 16. Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge smashed the marathon world record with a time of 2:01:39. To put this astonishing feat into context, that’s the equivalent of running 100 meters in 17.3 seconds and continuing at the same pace for another 26.2 miles. The [...]

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Natural Alternatives To Viagra

Viagra turned 20 in 2018! While most men aren’t openly talking about their erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments, thanks to popular culture, we all know about this little blue pill. It’s far from the end all be all and there are a number of lifestyle modifications and natural remedies that can have the same effect. In [...]

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”Mammoth” slow food-Vrillisia Athens

Mammoth-slowfood day restaurant serves and delivers tasty, healthy, clean food in reasonable prices. Visit us and....enjoy " M a m m o t h 's " power ;-) fbpage           Living Postcards

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Authentic Greek Delights.

''Lukumades'' Authentic Greek Delights. WHAT MAKES THE ULTIMATE LUKUMADES? SIMPLICITY, FRESHNESS, PURE MATERIALS, GREEK HONEY, AUTHENTICITY, CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Why we are always ending up complicated things ? Having this in mind, we decided to create a simple yet modern space offering the all-time classic and beloved round and crisp lukumades with honey and cinnamon. The [...]

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