Released in 1964, the Ferrari 275 GTB was an instant classic and the ultimate road car the Italian company had yet produced. The 275 GTB was the first Ferrari production car with independent rear suspension and a transaxle — the transmission being mounted over the rear wheels for optimal weight balance. The car received several tweaks throughout its lifetime, the most notable being a revised V12 in 1966 that raised horsepower up to 300 from the previous 260. The 275 GTB/C6 pictured here is the rarest of the rare. The car is one of eight alloy-bodied cars with completely different bodywork from the production version. A torque tube was added along with six Weber carbs that brought horsepower up to over 320. The first of the eight built, the car was with the original owner’s family for 36 years. An immaculate restoration, original numbers-matching parts, and factory colors make this one of the most desired 275 GTBs to come to market in years.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για 1966 FERRARI 275 GTB/6C ALLOY BERLINETTA