When I hear the word tart I automatically get anxious about the difficulty of the recipe!!

Yet,this is not the case at all…we have so many things to do every day,there is no time for  difficult and time-consuming instructions!

This one is so easy,healthy and delicious you want to stop reading and start doing it right now…It needs 3 ingredients and half an our our our time in the fridge for the tart to cool and become a whole,so take a look at the recipe:

Digestive cookies with coconut butter spread in a pan as your base of the tart -lemon juice and jest from three lemons bowing for 3 minutes with one cup of your favourite sweetener (I use stevia or coconut sugar) and 2 teaspoons of cornflower which makes a smooth sauce-cream full of lemon -spread the lemon cream over the cookie base and cool for half an our!!

If you feel bold,whip some none-dairy cream and enjoy with your loves ones.