What does it mean to be happy? Some say its having a sense of purpose or feeling financially secure while others believe its in being present or spiritually fulfilled. Whatever it may be, there are certain cities around the world that seem to have a better idea than the rest. From Denmark to New Zealand and Mexico, if you’re planning a trip sometime soon, you may want to consider visiting one of these places that has the bliss meter on high. Keep reading for 5 of the happiest cities that everyone should visit.

Auckland, New Zealand

This city is New Zealand’s largest and has enough happiness to match its size. With a bustling cityscape, thriving economy, excellent education system, serene black-sand beaches, and lush greenery as an escape (if you can call it that), it’s really no surprise that residents are exceptionally satisfied here.

Copenhagen, Denmark

“Hygge”, a Danish word meaning coziness, intimacy, and warmth, recently started trending with the Danish lifestyle becoming an ideal. It all makes sense — considering Denmark consistently tops international happiness surveys. Copenhagen in particular is full of city beaches, parks, cycling, and top-notch food. It’s often visited for its happy vibe and laid-back people.


Barcelona, Spain

A classic Mediterranean city — beautiful weather, beaches, delicious food, lively culture, and a relaxed lifestyle. There is also affordable housing and loads of business opportunities. There’s plenty to do and people that really know how to have fun while doing it. Barcelona knows how to truly live.


Singapore is often recognized as Asia’s happiest city. It’s an extremely secure place — this we know from the city’s interesting laws — which brings a strong peace of mind needed for one to be truly happy. With leadership that has a Confucian mindset, people are set up for the opportunity to live out a life of value.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a cheery city despite being known for its rain — with colorful wooden houses turned into shops, cafes, and bars and a mindset where each day is an adventure. Family, friendship, food, and heritage are the focus. Norway, as a whole, is said to be a land full of happy people.