From The Aces’ forthcoming debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, “Just Like That” doesn’t have a walloping ’80s throwback hook like the band’s instantly hummable singles “Physical” or “Stuck,” but glitters a slow-burning pop jam in muted pastels. The synths never break out of a steady pace, pulsing with Katie Henderson’s tastefully decorative guitar accents and a rhythm section in lock step with vocalist Cristal Ramirez.

“You can come get all your t-shirts / ‘Cause I don’t like the way I look in them / And just like that / Just like that / There’s nothing left of you,” Ramirez sings with a desperate effervescence that finds solidarity not only in her friends but also reaches outward.

“This song is about getting empowered and deciding to cut the final ties to a person that never deserved you,” the band tells NPR. “Hopefully you’ll scream it in your room and heal along with us.”