Discover Anafi’s pristine beaches, where azure waters embrace sun-kissed shores, offering solitude and unspoiled natural beauty

The beaches on Anafi are mostly small and located in compact bays. In keeping with the general atmosphere of the island, they are unorganised and many are nudist friendly. The beaches tend to be narrow and quite short and the entry to the water is usually moderate. The sea is clear, often beautifully coloured but it can feel cool even in the depths of summer.

Some require a trek to get to but most are near to roads and the majority have some shade but it is best to take an umbrella to be sure. The southern beaches tend to be the busiest as they are the easiest to reach by foot or by boats that run from the port.

The most famous beach on the island, it is on the south coast and is nearly 300 metres long. Thick tamarisk trees surround the beach and free campers set up their tents in summer. Sandy with toilets and showers, there are two tavernas and there is often naturism. It can get very busy in high season.

Anafi’s Fair Beaches and Scraggy Cycladic Shores

Agios Nikolaos

A sandy beach metres away from the port, it is tucked within two cliffs. There is an old donkey track that leads to Chora 2 km above and a small settlement with tavernas, cafés and rooms to rent. Unorganised, it is the easiest beach to access on the whole island and boats leave from here to other destinations on Anafi.


Flamourou is a small cove next to Katsouni, separated by a rockface. It can be reached by path or by swimming from Katsouni. The water is very clear and it is usually quiet with no amenities.


The opposite side of a headland from Agioi Anargiroi, Katalimatsa was the ancient port of the island. Stone and sandy, there is a path that leads to an ancient cemetery, while further on is an abandoned windmill with good views.


A small pebbly beach with clear seas, the shoreline is narrow with golden sand. Nudists favour the two rocky ends for privacy and there are a few trees for shade. There are no facilities and the beach is reached by a 15 minute walk from neighbouring Kleisidi.

Agioi Anargiroi

A small sandy beach with cliffs surrounding it is named after the small church on the headland overlooking the coastline. Access is from a steep path off the main road and there is no shade or amenities so bring everything you need. The water is especially clear and bright here making it one of the nicer beaches on the island.


Small, remote and beautiful with white sand and rock formations, Livoskopos is at the northern tip of the island. Best for when the southern wind is blowing, the beach is accessed by a hiking path from the main road. There are no facilities at all.

Megas Potamos

Between the hills of Kastelli and Chalepas, the beach at Megas Potamos is small and sandy with a lone tamarisk tree for shade. It is reached by a long path from Agioi Anargiroi or by boat and it is therefore usually quiet. There are no facilities but there are nice views of Kalamos.


Long and sandy with fine pebbles, the beach is just below the foot of Kalamos, and named after the monastery above. There are trees for shade and there are often campers here.


In the Bay of Agios Nikolaos, 20 minutes walk from the port, Kleisidi is long and sandy with shallow waters ideal for families. There are trees to give some shade and there is a small settlement behind the beach with rooms to rent, tavernas and minimarkets. Among the busiest beaches on the island, there is a sign prohibiting nudism and free camping but this is often ignored. Picturesque, opposite are the islets of Ftena, Makra and Pachia.


Pebbly and on the northwest coast, it is easily accessed by a dirt road as until 1970 it served as the island port. There are no facilities at the beach itself and little nearby so come prepared.


A long beach with rocks and pebbles and grey sand, Vagia is on the west coast and can be found at the end of a dirt trail. Remote and isolated it is usually very quiet even in high season.


Below the chapel of Agios Georgios on the northern coast, Vrisi is small and pebbly and easily accessed from a dirt track. The water is especially bright and there are a few trees for respite from the sun.