If you’ve ever spent even the slightest amount of time admiring a Kouros, then this hotel is a perfect fit for you. If you’re the kind of person who spends hours wandering around the National Archaeological Museum, then you’re in danger of never leaving your room again! The ATHENSWAS Hotel – a new hospitality venture, firmly lodged in the most beautiful part of the city owned by civil engineer Errika Benakopoulou – is a natural continuation of everything worth preserving about antiquity, now albeit elegantly contemporized for the 21st Century.

Rooted in the core principles of classical modernism, the interiors celebrate simplicity, understated opulence and clear-cut architectural forms that serve to sooth the soul and relax the mind. And although every single detail was designed with intention and thoughtfulness by Stavros Papayannis of Stage Design Office, surprisingly, the ATHENSWAS Hotel doesn’t take itself too seriously. Case-in-point: the cheery wall-to-wall carpets, which lend a swinging ‘60s touch to the 21 rooms and suites, paired with a well-curated selection of show-stopping furniture. Every single element is pulled together into a cohesive whole, grounded by breathtaking photographs of National Archaeological Museum exhibits, shot by Stefanos Samios, which liberally dotted throughout the hotel, tell the story of what Athens was, what Athens is and what Athens could be…

Photo by Μargarita Nikitaki © ATHENSWAS.

Photo by Μargarita Nikitaki © ATHENSWAS.



5 Dionysiou Areopagitou St

Acropoli, Athens, 117 42