Athiri restaurant opened in 2004 by chef Alexandros Kardasis in Korydallos, while in october 2007 it moved to Kerameikos at the old neoclassical home on Plataion street with its full-of-green yard. The restaurant’s philosophy is based on creativity which combines greek/Mediterranean tradition with modern progress and perspective. Alexandros Kardasis’s cuisine, an on-going search for and care in selecting the best raw materials and greek wines, unique ambience and discreet service are steady values of ours, along with always looking to develop further and a good mood!

The kitchen does not use cooking powders, canned foods or microwaves
All desserts, creams and sauces are cooked and prepared at Athiri
All breads and doughs are cooked and prepared at Athiri.
The olive oil used is extra virgin from ancient Olympia, Peloponnese
The sunflower oil used is refined and demargarined.
All fruit and vegetables are from radiki (Sotiris Lymperopoulos, Raches Messinia, Greece)
All cheeses, cured and smoked meats, smoked and salted fish are Greek.
All seafood and fish is fresh.
All meats are fresh.





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