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Manos Athinaios is a Greek citizen of the world, professional dj and radio music producer. He was born in Athens and since the age of 20 he has been engaging with music, radio stations, internet radio traveling and social media.


Have you ever wondered which are the most expensive buildings in the world? That is a difficult question to answer. Depending on how you measure cost, different buildings could be the most expensive. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most expensive buildings in the world and determine which one [...]

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5 Of The Most Dog-Friendly Countries For Pet-Loving Travelers

Visit one (or all) of these 5 dog friendliest countries for pet-loving travelers. Leaving the fur baby at home isn’t always fun. Worrying about them while away, looking for them before remembering they aren’t there to enjoy that special moment with you can ruin an entire trip. On the other hand, taking your pup along for the [...]

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Road trip to the Fokida region’s south: Mythical Delphi, superb beaches, classy Galaxidi

Early September, offering mild temperatures, not too hot or cold, is perhaps the best time of the year for a road trip to the southern side of the Fokida region, in central Greece, an area combining natural beauty, a superb coastline, a fascinating ancient past, as well as more recent cultural interest. Fokida’s southern section [...]

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Mount Athos, Greece: A tour of the most important and most impressive monasteries

Where time stops. Where feelings and illusions come alive. Where the divine meets the secular world. A very special world. A separate world. An abaton; the “Garden of Virgin Mary” since according to legend, Jesus gave this stunning piece of land to his mother. The natural beauty is truly breath-taking. Unspoilt nature, idyllic, with lush vegetation, shady [...]

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15 Best Places to see Sunsets in London from a Local

Sunsets are always unique and mesmerizing; it’s an absolute delight to watch the day-star spoil us with displays of beautiful oranges, pinks, and purples before bidding us goodnight. But, where to see this stunning sky show in London? Let’s take a look at some exquisite places to watch the sunset in London. city of london skyline at [...]

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5 islands for weekend getaways in September: Strolling at picturesque alleys, swimming in immaculate waters

Returning from a holiday and needing to deal with an abrupt end to carefree ways can be upsetting, prompting a desire for a little extra time away. If feeling so, choose a couple of days in September, pack your travel bag and take off again. After all, as is commonly known, the Greek islands are [...]

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How to Make a Cadillac Margarita

You'll need all top-shelf spirits to make this Cadillac margarita. It's a swanky upgrade to the classic drink! Margarita lovers who fancy themselves connoisseurs of the classic cocktail might be ready for a tasty upgrade. Whereas the classic margarita is made with young silver or blanco tequila and Triple Sec orange liqueur, for the Cadillac [...]

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Running Up That Hill was the UK’s song of the summer

Kate Bush's 1985 hit Running Up That Hill was the UK's song of the summer, says the Official Chart Company. The song's improbable but inspiring resurgence came after it featured in the TV show Stranger Things, bringing it to a new generation of fans. They streamed it 86.6 million times between June and August, more [...]

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Witches Ginger Brew Cocktail

Courtesy Jennifer Clark, bar manager, Sternewirth at Hotel Emma at Pearl, San Antonio, TX This “juicy, citrusy, fruity” drink is a riff on the classic Moscow Mule, Clark says. Therefore, this drink also happily works with vodka, if preferred. Of note, the more blackberries used, the darker purple the brew will become. Clark offers these [...]

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