Greek tradition provides us with extra tasty and healthy recipes which are easy and accompany a lot of evenings with a glass of wine or brunches with coffee
One not so famous but exquisite is Lalaggia or Tiganides from Mani in Greek peninsula of Peloponnese
Here is the recipe
1 glass fresh orange juice
½ glass olive oil
25gr cinnamon
15gr clove
Zest from 1 orange
Olive oil enough for the frying
2.5kg flour for all uses

We take the yeast with a little bit flour and put the cinnamon and clove in the water for about 15 minutes. We strain the water and mix it with the orange juice. We rub the remaining flour with the olive oil and dissolve the yeast with the juice and the water from the cinnamon and clove, adding the orange zest that will give them a sense of freshness. The dough should be malleable. We make long paste cords and we wrap them around our hand before we put them in hot olive oil. As soon as they turn golden we place them on a platter laid with absorbent paper and serve with goat cheese or honey and cinnamon.