Every year you get a lot of anxiety about New Year’s Eve dinner,decoration and of course…the dessert The last day of the Year dessert should be luxurious difficult in the process and something our guests won’t forget,or we think so!!
Yet,everyone feels happy about the New Years expectations,they have probably drunk enough and they want to have a light and delicious dessert to accompany their drink or their soft drink while they are waiting for the new year to come or dancing or why not ,flirting The easiest and delicious way is to use the previous leftovers and make a dessert that looks like a tree log and is full of chocolate ,Nutella cream,nuts and some rum sweetness.It is easy to make and easier to devour

Leftovers of cakes or other deserts
500 gr 70%cacao chocolate
1 small glass of rum
1cup of Nutella
Whipped cream
Procedure :
You mix all the leftovers until the become a maze After you have melted the chocolate in Bain marie,you add it (just keep 200grams for later) in the leftovers along with the rum You put all the butter in baking shit and roll it until it becomes round Put it in the fridge to stabilize for an hour Mix the Nutella with the whipped cream until it becomes a Nutella mousse and put it in the fridge for an hour

After all the parts are cold enough
Make your log,decorate it with the Nutella mousse and spill the rest of the melted chocolate some snow sugar for the effect and voila:your log is ready to impress your guests

Happy desserts
Happy New Year 2018
Happy travels