A whole bunch of stars got talked into some hilariously questionable looks for the Balenciaga show in LA. Let’s point and laugh at them, shall we?


Hari Nef

Girl, please. This is awful. We don’t mind an oversized, slouchy suit, but this one is downright misshapen and she looks like she slept in an alley all night.



Joey King

What a mess of an outfit. There are some nice pieces, but the whole thing looks so random and mismatched.



Kim Kardashian

Terrifying Barbie crotch.



Meghann Fahy

It’s taking from the best of ’80s fashion and it looks great on her.



Nicole Kidman

She looks like the head of an organized crime family and that is us paying her a huge compliment. This is pretty fabulous.



Salma Hayek

Hate the shoes, but she looks pretty great.



Samara Weaving

Girl, come the hell on. If you let yourself get talked into wearing a jean mask over your jeans, that’s entirely on you. This is the dumbest thing we’ve seen in ages.



Storm Reid

We’re not mad at it, but nothing about it feels like a high-fashion look, let alone a curated one. She looks like she’s running to dance class.



Taylor Zakhar Perez

Everything from the waist up is great.



Teyana Taylor

Unfortunately, not even the fierceness that is she can make this pile of mess look good.



Tracee Ellis Ross

She’s working the hell out of that shoulder. This is the second time recently where we realized she can really work a witchy look.



Tyler James Williams

The feet peeking out from the bottom make this officially hilarious.



Zooey Deschanel

It’s kind of cute, but it’s hard to escape the feeling that most of these ladies look like they forgot their skirts.