Not only do the Powerbeats Pro deliver surprisingly good audio quality, but the design makes them an excellent choice for anyone who’s concerned about how securely true wireless earbuds will stay seated in your ear as you pound the ground for an extended period of time. The hooks that loop behind your ear hold these buds securely to your head, and nothing—just nothing—will dislodge them.

Beats is an Apple company now, and that might make you wonder how they’re different than AirPods. After all, they include the superb Apple H1 Bluetooth chip also found in AirPods, which lets them connect quickly and easily to your phone and maintain a rock-solid Bluetooth connection. The answer is simply that they sound better. The Powerbeats are a better choice for audiophiles, or at least runners who want a beefier sound from their earbuds. You also get a massive nine hours of battery on a single charge (and up to 24 hours when used with the charging case) and an IPX4 rating—not the best, but better than AirPods and certainly enough to survive sweat and rain.