Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the world for honeymoons, and you can see why. It combines the beauty of its surroundings, with a ton of things to do as well as offering seclusion and privacy when you need it. Idyllic when you think of the perfect honeymoon destination.

Most people instantly think of Oia for their honeymoon, but I think you can do better. Oia to me has become so overcrowded in the last few years that it takes away from that romantic feeling. It is not as private anymore.

Yes, there are some real exclusive hotels that block people off but for the most part, because of how it is built, anyone can pop onto your terrace to have a look at any time and check out the view. Not really romantic in my opinion. Combine that with the sheer mass of people at sunset and you can see why we have taken Oia off the list for honeymooners.

Our recommendation is to head to Imerovigli. You get the same amazing views but it is quieter, more private and just feels more romantic. It is just a short walk to the nightlife of Fira (Instead of a 25-minute drive from Oia), it has the most luxurious hotels on the island, and it has amazing Caldera views so you can enjoy those stunning sunset views from your own private terrace or private pool and you are a short drive from some of the best wineries on Santorini.

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Santorini
Iconic Santorini Boutique Cave Hotel (Imerovigli)
Grace Santorini Hotel (Imerovigli)
Andronis Luxury Suites (Oia)
Andromeda Villas & Spa Resort (Imerovigli)