Vancouver-bred emotive dance auteurs, Tom Howie and Jimmy Valance, better known as Bob Moses, made waves with their debut album, Days Gone By.

Considering the LP’s accessibility, blurring of genres, and the worldwide hit “Tearing Me Up,” it seemed like Days Gone By was next to impossible to one-up. Many were left wondering where the two possibly could go from there.

This seemed like the peak of accessible post-club music, but now Bob Moses is back off their two-year hiatus, and their latest tune is an incendiary slow-burner. The boys kept the coals hot and”Heaven Only Knows” has just re-ignited the flame.

In terms of craft, “Heaven Only Knows” possesses the same mellowness fans have come to love over the years. Cooing vocals are met with brooding, effervescent synths, but this time, they deviate from the formula more than ever before. The track erupts a little past the midway point into an unopposing club-friendly hitter.

Fortunately for fans, it seems “Heaven Only Knows” is just the beginning of what the duo has in store. The track coincides with a full tour announce of which they’ve said they’re taking”loads of new music” on. While a new album is yet to be announced, it might just be what the boys have planned.