The Michelin-Starred Chef Hector Botrini Brings His Culinary Magic to the Luxurious Katikies Mykonos Hotel


Katikies Group, one of Greece’s most iconic hotel brands, has announced the opening of its newest restaurant, Botrini’s Mykonos. Following the tremendous success of Botrini’s Santorini, the first Cycladic version of the famous and Michelin-starred Athens restaurant, housed at Katikies Santorini, the time has come for Mykonos to have its own Botrini’s.

Last year, we witnessed the strong collaboration between Katikies Group and the famous Michelin-starred chef, Hector Botrini, who took on the role of executive chef for all the hotel restaurants, to stir things up in the gastronomic landscape of Santorini. This year, it’s Mykonos’ turn – not that there isn’t many exciting news for Santorini that will be announced shortly.

The beautiful and luxurious Katikies Mykonos will host the brand-new Botrini’s Mykonos, which will remain faithful to all those values that have earned the Botrini’s numerous awards and a Michelin star. However, this time, it will be in a stunning Cycladic setting with a blue Aegean Sea backdrop and an exotic boho-chic atmosphere.

Above the sunny beach of Agios Ioannis, guests will enjoy the impressive dishes of the famous Greek-Italian chef Hector Botrini. Demonstrating top gastronomy skills and deep knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine, Botrini creates culinary masterpieces that will enchant every visitor’s taste buds. The restaurant’s menu will feature a range of contemporary dishes, including seafood, pasta, and meat, made from fresh and seasonal ingredients, sourced locally and worldwide.

In addition to the restaurant’s breathtaking location and exceptional cuisine, guests will enjoy a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere. The restaurant’s design is inspired by traditional Cycladic architecture, featuring whitewashed walls, natural materials, and elegant details, combined with modern touches that create a unique and luxurious dining experience.

In conclusion, the opening of Botrini’s Mykonos is an excellent addition to the already impressive list of dining options available in Mykonos. The restaurant’s stunning location, exceptional cuisine, and elegant design promise a memorable gastronomic experience that every visitor to the island should indulge in.