The Announcement Comes On The One Year Anniversary Of Her Critically Acclaimed 2015 Album

Carly Rae Jepsen, pop singer after our own hearts, has just announced that her critically acclaimed 2015 album E•MO•TION will be receiving a follow-up B-Side album. She took to social media on August 21 (the one year anniversary of the original record) to make the announcement.


With catchy, jazz-infused, synth-laden hits such as “I Really Like You,” “Boy Problems,” and “Run Away With Me,” E•MO•TION was inarguably one of music’s best releases last year. The singer stated in her last V interview that she spent a long time perfecting the album with more than a few stops and starts, as she was determined to make a record that better represented her musically: “I was excited to try something different. And I didn’t know if it would be received well or not. But I felt like the thing I’d regret most was not following my heart, and the desire to allow myself to be a musician first, before thinking about sales.”

Needless to say, it was a risk worth taking. From what we’ve heard, she wrote an extensive library for the album—of which we are finally about to get a taste. Stay tuned for E•MO•TION: Side B, out this Friday, August 26.