A Sky-High Sojourn: Discover Céleste, Paris’s Latest Jewel in Luxurious Rooftop Retreats


If there’s a must-visit spot to add to your Parisian itinerary this winter, it’s undoubtedly Céleste. This isn’t just a new bar; it’s a transcendent rooftop retreat, perched atop the esteemed Cheval Blanc Paris, and it’s redefining luxury in the City of Lights.

What’s the Buzz About Céleste?

So, what exactly is Céleste? Imagine a place in Paris where the boundaries between sky and city blur, where you can dine under the stars yet remain enveloped in the warm embrace of luxury. Céleste is a marvel of modern design and timeless elegance: a transparent bubble gracefully alighted on the rooftop of Cheval Blanc Paris. Here, beneath a crystalline vault, about thirty seats offer a sanctuary from the bustle below, inviting guests into a cozy, intimate atmosphere. It’s a space where the celestial and the terrestrial meet, creating an ethereal experience that’s both grounding and elevating.

Inside this luxurious bubble, the essence of Céleste unfolds. The meticulously crafted menu, a testament to the expertise of Cheval Blanc Paris’ sommeliers, features rare spirits that tell stories of heritage and craftsmanship. Each sip is a journey through time and tradition—a taste of the extraordinary. Complementing these liquid narratives are the culinary masterpieces by Chef Takuya Watanabe. His finger-food creations, from delicate temakis to flavorful gunkans, offer a taste of refined indulgence, perfectly pairing with your celestial libations.

Cheval Blanc Paris: The Grandeur Below Céleste’s Starlit Experience

Descending from this stellar sphere, let’s explore the foundation of Céleste’s charm: Below this enchanting rooftop retreat lies Cheval Blanc Paris, a monument of Parisian luxury and sophistication. Housed in the historic La Samaritaine building, this exquisite hotel features 72 luxurious rooms and suites, a 30-meter pool, the first Dior spa, and four gourmet restaurants, including the Michelin-starred ‘Plénitude’. The architecture, a blend of modern flair and historical elegance, was designed by Édouard François and Peter Marino.

Info: Céleste is open from December 20, 2023, to March 31, 2024. This winter retreat invites guests to savor the Parisian night sky’s beauty in an intimate setting. With its evening-only hours, from 6 pm to 11:30 pm, it aligns with the city’s transformation from day to night, revealing a panorama that stretches from the left bank’s twinkling lights to the distant horizon. See more and make reservations here!