Chora Kythnos Suites will make you feel as if you have a home away from home in the Cycladic isles. Only this home comes with many privileges.

Kithnos Island is a diamond on the rough in the Cyclades. Starting this year, it has its first boutique hotel, urging the traveler to discover its beauties.

Interior Design at Chora Kythnos Suites



Firstly, it is decorated in the most fabulous boho island style, and right from start, it creates an Island house feel. Whitewashed little houses some with private pools (or not), small yards with built sofas and colored cushions, incredible bedding signed by the top Greek brand Cocomat and stylish decorative details everywhere.

Interior design will make you take photos from every angle in order to use the stylish decorative tips at home. The emphasis is on natural materials and artisanal techniques, cool hues and modern


A weekend at Chora Kythnos Suites

The eye travels to the amphitheatrical view of the landscape in the mainland and is mesmerized by the way the light changes throughout the day. The day begins with a breakfast tray full of fresh local products served in the privacy of your yard and continues by the pool.

Make sure you catch the sunset spectacle and then take a walk to the Chora of the island, a typical picturesque Cycladic village that is only a few minutes away and will steal your heart with its untouched beauty.

Kithnos is full of stunning beaches (one of them being the famous Colona, which makes it to the list with the best of Greece every year) and Chora Kythnos Suites may serve as the ideal base if you want to explore the island.

If you are more into a relaxing mood then again the hotel will not disappoint you, the pool area is spacious and the way the houses are built offers precious privacy.