Our hotel traditional accommodations on Tinos Island express the charm of living the local life in the Cycladic village of Tripotamos, offering you the almost lost art of an “at home” ambience during your holidays and inviting you to live an unforgettable experience during your holidays.We have taken great pains over the decoration, over the works of art taken out of the personal collection of the proprietor (who is also the architect of the Crossroads Inn), and over the arrangement of your living and sleeping quarters at our countryside hotel. Together with the non-intrusive relaxation the aesthetics of the Cyclades offer, they become the motive for our guests to enjoy their holidays’ accommodation feeling “at home”.The Crossroads Inn has a capacity of seven traditional accommodations. Under the watchful eye of Ms. Ourania Diamantopoulou, who designed and built the lodgings, and the care provided by our hotel’s staff, our Crossroads Inn is there to meet, in the best possible way, the needs you may have during your stay in Tinos Island. They are ready to welcome you, offering you all the comfort of a real home so that your stay at this gorgeous and scenic location in the heartland of Tinos may become one of your most precious memories.