Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel / Crete

Dyo Suites Luxury Boutique Hotel is a personalized, customized, unique and individual hotel with a unique architecture & design style, offers high end technology and great attention to detail.
Our hotel combines exceptional standard of comfort with the finest linen, Jacuzzi bath, a mini bar in every room and spacious gazebo in our golden beach area. Our ultra-personalized service and freshest food ingredients will be able to fulfill your individual needs.
Final but not least enjoy a futuristic experience with our digital App. for fast, easy and discreet check in, smart room key and many other oriented digital interactions.
Personalize your experience with «Alexa» intelligent voice activated system. All rooms are equipped with your personal room assistant so you can control room features and services entirely with your voice
You can control the lights or the curtain, play music or ask for weather forecast, control the temperature of the room or order amenities and many other services with just a simple voice command.
Dyo Suites is the child of the collaboration between two of the most creative agencies in Crete, NEXT Design and KANENAS design. Our goal was to push the boundaries of what a Hotel experience could be like today, and where state-of-the-art technology can be used to enhance today’s guests’ comfort, relaxation and immersive potential.