Alex Hedley

Ex-frontman of Swanage band Saturday Sun, Alex Hedley, is taking 2018 by storm with his velvet vocals by releasing his new EP This Life. His latest single ‘Possibility’ is a toe-tapping acoustic addition to the EP. Featuring Hedley’s impressive strong vocal range and coupled with the accompanying video, the track conjures up a summery nostalgia. The home video-style footage features shots of the beach and travelling in the USA, including blue skies and lush greenery.

Paddy James

Singer-songwriter, Paddy James has all bases covered with a hugely impressive list of contacts in the music industry, from shows with the likes of Ed Sheeran, The Hoosiers; successful showcases at Sofar Sounds and BBC Introducing…not to mention a back-up plan as a career as a ski instructor. His latest single suggests that a life on the slopes may have to wait, with Perfectly Flawed being his most impressive release to date, combining his flawless vocals, tumbling melodies and punchy orchestration. This is A-list material that promises to catapult him into the mainstream.

Perfectly Flawed sees Paddy once again demonstrating his soaring vocals which veer into Jeff Buckley territory, such is his dexterity, whilst his guitar-playing is gloriously entwined with strings and a fractured rhythm section which puts this in an arena where it can be savoured by fans of both traditional singer-songwriters and intelligent indie-pop and rock. Lyrically, the track sees good intentions hindered by seemingly suspicious actions, the protagonist trying to be a saint and succeeding to some extent but the lure of old tendencies and desires leading towards a strenuous relationship.

Born in Solihull and raised in Southampton, Paddy now divides his time between London and the French Alps, not only coaching would-be skiers but also playing to sell-out crowds at venues across the region.

The Singer and The Songwriter

The Singer and The Songwriter (Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran), released the new music video for their single “Wild Heart” choreographed and performed by urban dance team and current VIBE Hip-Hop Dance Competition Champions, The Company, with videography by LA media team, Vibrvncy.
“Wild Heart” (from The Singer and The Songwriter’s EP DIRECTIONS, released in October 2017) is an anthem the duo wrote to celebrate the stories of women. Garcia wrote the lyrics about her grandmother, an immigrant from Mexico, who, as a young girl, used to sneak onto a train with her friends to steal the sugar cane that was drying on top of the cars. In both the song and video, the duo wanted to create an anthem that would capture and honor her wild, adventurous spirit.
The “Wild Heart” video features original choreography and dance performance by The Company, an ensemble from Daly City, CA, best known for their viral performance video from the VIBE Hip Hop Dance Competition in 2014. Garcia and Tran have been long-time fans of The Company and are thrilled to be collaborating with them on this project, and specifically to be working with an all-female group of choreographers and dancers. The choreography is by Janelle Gleason, Melissa Batesting and Aggie Loyola (who also appear in the video as dancers). Garcia explains: “This group of women from The Company embody ‘Wild Heart’ perfectly. Their cultural diversity, passion and talent are so beautiful and inspiring to watch.”
“Wild Heart” aims to send a hopeful, inspiring message; a reminder of just how powerful it can be for women to share their stories, make their voices heard and “make waves.” Choreographer Janelle Gleason summarizes one of the main themes she kept in mind while choreographing the piece: “One woman achieving success is all women achieving success.”

Cappa and Daniel-San

The enigmatic Edinburgh duo comprising of Tom Capaldi and Dan Steward, aka. Cappa & Daniel San release ‘Nothing Sweet (feat. Mr Beale),’ a groove-soaked track full to the brim with disco influence, especially the breakdown at around the 3:40 mark. Foot-tapping, head bopping rhythm is distilled across the track, as funk-inflected bass-lines ebb and flow behind a lush array of synths, brass and percussion. The icing on the disco-cake are the soulful vocals by Mr Beale that take the track to the next level. All in all, it’s a collaborative masterpiece that I hope we’ll hear more from in the future.