ERGON House Athens -A new way of living.

Situated at the foot of the Acropolis in the historical heart of Athens, Ergon House is a seventh heaven for food enthusiasts, complete with ‘rooms above the inn’. We’ve conceived a spectacular marketplace, a modern-day Agora with a constellation of greengrocers, a butcher’s, fishmonger’s and bakery, a delicatessen and roastery, along with a bar and restaurant which celebrate the best of Greek cuisine culture. And we have expanded on the unique experience of an epicurean boutique hotel by creating cool common ground in which to cook and lounge, a gym for good conscience, as well as a roof terrace planted with olive trees that has unbeatable views of the city.Forget about the typical hotel experience. Food is at the forefront of our hospitality, the guiding thread that runs through Ergon House, from your explorations of the Agora marketplace and cooking or catering meals in the communal kitchens, down to the smallest treat from your in-room Ergon minibar.Ergon House is our flagship that distils the essence of our philosophy around food, and life itself. Cities were built around marketplaces and the table is the heart of the home. With Ergon House, we are creating a world we believe in, a place where the positive energies of Greek food and hospitality converge under one roof.Our farm-to-table seasonal produce is harvested within Greece, including from our own orchard, and our unwavering support of natural, artisanal food has deep personal roots. Our grandfather was a grocer in Thessaloniki. We were raised on Greek delicacies and warm hospitality and it is our great pleasure to share them with our guests. We started simply, with ‘nothing but the best’.The first Ergon product was olive oil – some of the purest in the world, mechanically pressed at low temperatures by a small Cretan supplier whose groves date back to the venetian occupation 800 years ago. Building on this principle of quality, we count today some 1200 artisanal products from over 150 producers. Our product portfolio grows by 10% a year, patiently, as a result of extensive scouting for new suppliers and R&D of food technologies.Ergon has become a global name in Mediterranean food and Greek cuisine culture on the strength of its hand-picked premium content, strong aesthetics and commitment to nurturing and promoting small and honest local producers. Our 300 selective points of sale include nine stores in Greece* and an expanding international footprint with two stores each in London and Brussels, and NY and Cyprus coming soon.