The newest and most luxurious hotel in the Cycladic island of Milos

Barren landscapes, whitewashed cubic houses against the blue sky and blindingly bright sun. This is what welcomes travellers to the Cycladic islands of the Aegean Sea. The moment you set foot on any of them, you feel the vibe of carefree vacations that you can only experience there. This is another universe. The light is different. Time moves more slowly than elsewhere.

Surrounded by azure waters and the signature white volcanic coastline of Milos, the White Coast Pool Suites were made to offer something that the island did not have until now. An ultra-luxurious, adult-only accommodation that perfectly balances the island life in the raw with the high-end pampering. Created to meet the high standards of the romantic jet setters of this world, White Coast Pool Suites features a sleek modern design, a soft neutral color palette and even a cool playlist of its own that automatically transfer its guests to an enchanting microcosm of haute bohemia.

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Made to blend harmoniously with the landscape, White Coast Pool Suites put the area of Mytakas Milos on the world map of unique and exclusive hotels with its arrival in June 2021. Furthermore, it is a (proud) member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, paying homage to the philosophy of creating sanctuaries beyond commonplace notions of luxury. This unique hotel is being developed under the management of Tresor Hospitality, the leading Hotel Management company in Greece.

So what does it feel like staying at a truly luxurious hotel in Milos?

Personally, I evaluate the hotels I visit with what I call “the next morning factor”. It’s the very first thought of the first morning you wake up in a hotel that shows how much you have cherished it. I still keep memories of such precious moments of “morning hotel happiness” after a lot of years. The first thing that came to my mind at White Coast on that hot July day was: “How good it feels to wake up in this bed and place and how excited I am that I have 3 more days in this paradise!”

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Our room (no105) is a premium suite with a private pool. Wherever you stand in the room, you enjoy a panoramic view of the sea. Even if you are facing the room, with your back to the sea, you cannot escape the mesmerizing view! The floor-to-ceiling window reflects your idol with the background of the coast. Α spot completely open to what Cycladic nature has to offer.

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From the view of the island’s unique lunar scenery to a spectacular sunset and from the hotel’s signature fragrance to its cloud-like bedding, all contribute to the creation of a zen paradise, specially made for couples. Yet it is the little

things that make the difference in this luxury hotel in Milos. The ones I kept discovering after I somehow got over the breathtaking view… My favourite ones were the thick ceramic mugs and the towel beach bag made by the greek brand Sun of a Beach. Τhe minibar and the snacks cover the needs of any chocoholic vacationer (myself included), but also the ones of the vegan food or the healthy diet lover! The public areas of the hotel are also full of signature little things, candles and diffusers included. Every single object seems to be handpicked by a design guru. The look and feel is unpretentiously luxurious.

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Small gestures of thoughtful pampering abound. There are knocks on the door by the staff tempting us with traditional sweet treats. A floating basket with wine and fruits welcomes us in our room. Arrangements for lunch, dinner and snacks are informal and flexible. Life at its easiest.

Even though the island has countless attractions which constantly lure the traveller in pursuit of discovery, I more than once caught myself stealing time from other activities in order to savour the moments on the sunbed, by the private pool, soaking up the breathtaking view. Every hour there had its charm. In the daytime, reading a book by the pool. In the evening during sunset, gazing at the horizon turning from blue to orange and then violet. At night, looking at the starlit sky and testing our knowledge of the constellations. Magic, 24 hours a day! Practically, I could spend the whole vacation on that sunbed.

Gastronomy at White Coast Pool Suites

Bianco Drinks & Gastronomy, the poolside restaurant of White Coast Pool Suites on Milos island, shares the same standards of perfection found throughout the hotel, offering a menu that draws inspiration from Greek flavours.

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The creative dishes of the awarded chef Giannis Liokas, the consultant Chef of the White Coast, are paired with a wine list focused on the Greek vineyards, while signature cocktails make the perfect company for the hotel’s unparalleled sunset views. The signature cocktail list is supervised by the awarded Bar Consultant, Konstantinos Athanasiou.

Isn’t the epitome of summer bliss being with your beloved in a secluded, impeccably stylish swim-up suite that overlooks the big blue of the Aegean Sea?

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