Parilio is the first luxury getaway in Paros offering an authentic and organic Greek experience

What could satisfy an experienced traveler who wishes to combine Cycladic vibes with quality hospitality? When it comes to the Cyclades, luxury does not only mean fluffy beds and turn-down service. Luxurious living amidst the bustling life of the whitewashed islands of Greece would entail privacy, serenity, and a slow pace of life, all under a glorious sunny or starry sky accompanied by swaying sounds and thyme smells.

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What I personally dream of when visiting the Cyclades, is a hotel that works as a private Cycladic micro-world by itself, offering its precious sheltering whenever I need to hide from the hype. So, I recently discovered Parilio in Paros, a gem that ticks all the boxes and elevates the Cycladic hospitality even more.

Created by Kalia & Antonis Eliopoulos, the couple behind the luxury hospitality group Kanava Hotels, Parilio opened 3 summers ago and is the first luxury getaway in Paros offering an authentic and organic Greek experience.

Characterized by traditional Cycladic architecture, a soothing, tonal color palette and natural materials, Parilio is the ideal setting for a carefree Greek summer, specially made for everyone who wishes to fully embrace the slow-paced Cycladic way of living.

Architecture and Interiors at Parilio
Athens-based Interior Design Laboratorium was influenced by both the island’s distinctive architecture and its own brand of holistic design when creating the visual concept of the 33-suite Parīlio, the name of which is derived from ‘Paros’ and the Greek word for the sun ‘ilios’. The result is an all-white tiny paradise in impeccable design regarding both architecture and interiors.

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Personally, I loved every inch of Parilio and I couldn’t take my eyes off its details, such as the striking ceramics sourced from the Marrakech-based studio of LRNCE or the terracotta tiles in the lobby which combined nostalgic Greece and modernism.

5 moments not to be missed at Parilio
Spending time by (or in)the huge pool
Parilio generously sets an idyllic pool scene that oozes relaxing vibes. The pool is really huge, enabling quietness and privacy. With glorious sunset views, the pool area becomes even more attractive as evening falls. All you have to do is stay calm and just add cocktails!

Enjoying a unique culinary experience at Mr. E Restaurant
Book your table as soon as you arrive! Here you are going to experience a unique epicurean journey courtesy of one of the most talented Greek chefs! Awarded his first Michelin star in 2021, chef Alexandros Tsiotinis instills Cycladic simplicity in his dishes that blend tradition with the present. Must-tries: The old-style kakavia which is simply divine, the Paros Salatouri with an unforgettable twist and last but not least the fresh fish cooked in the salt!

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Observing the logo of the hotel
The brilliant logo of the hotel is inspired by “The Fat Lady of Saliagos”, the most ancient marble figurine found to date in the Cyclades, a symbol of female beauty and power and an ode to the soul of the Aegean sea & light. There is a copy of the statue in the lobby of the hotel, so don’t forget to take a snap of it!

Waking up from a siesta and enjoying a cool refreshment at your own private terrace
The spacious all-white terrace of my room made me feel like I am in my own Cycladic villa. It’s a unique feeling to enjoy your personal oasis of calm. I accompanied these precious moments with ice tea and traditional sweet treats that came to my room as a surprise every evening!

Shopping in the Anthologist boutique
Every Anthologist shop is a cabinet of curiosity featuring limited-edition items created for the specific hotel, and artisanal objects, all sourced by the owner of Anthologist, Andria Mitsakos, to reflect the authentic ambiance of the Greek islands. At Parilio’s boutique, don’t forget to check out the uber-chic Ancient Kallos caftans as well beautiful ceramics and colorful textiles.

Parilio in Paros in a nutshell: A Cycladic zen paradise for slow-living lovers, design devotees and foodies!

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