Hot yoga’whether it’s Bikram, Moksha or an independently run studio’has become hugely popular across North America. Find out more about the benefits of hot yoga and whether it’s right for you


What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?
Those who are devoted to the practice say hot yoga has all kinds of benefits. The one that’s touted most often is detoxification: heavy sweating is said to help flush toxins from the skin. ‘The heat also allows you to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures,’ says Joanna Thurlow, the owner of Moksha Yoga Halifax, ‘so you know you’re really warming up the muscles and you can really approach the postures from a safe place.’ According to Isabel Lambert, director of Tula Yoga Spa in Toronto, working in a heated room also elevates the heart rate, which makes the body work harder. ‘It’s really for people who want a more intense workout’those who want to develop strength, flexibility and tone along with a cardiovascular workout.’ She also says working in heat helps the body relax, improves breathing(which helps conditions like asthma) and focuses the mind, which develops better mental concentration.