“Charm History and Luxury”

What is more to say about the Hassler,its location,its glamour,its luxury,its 3 bars and the unique view of Eternal City??
Just that it is as expensive as it gets for a good reason,it worths every penny and then some.
Having spent a lot of time traveling around Europe and USA,I like finding not only the most expensive and luxurious but also the hotels that have a unique characteristic,that element which makes them be different and be remembered in my travels…Hassler has this characteristic and it is called charming history,along with Salon Eva which made me think I belong to the cast of “The Man from UNCLE” movie sipping my Hassler Martini in a reasonable price…
Don’t forget the personnel,all people who work in the hotel and are eager to fulfill every need without an ounce of arrogance or pretentiousness!!