Doing this will also save you time and money since you no longer have to pay for iCloud service.

There are various reasons why your iPhone storage quickly runs out of space. For example, you are installing documents that use too much storage.

On the other hand, games, group chats, GIFs, photos, as well as music libraries can also use too much storage.

How to Clean iPhone Storage?

CNET’s latest report provided the needed steps and tips you must follow if you want to keep your iPhone storage clean. These include the following:

How to Clean iPhone Storage? This Guide Will Help You Avoid Paying for iCloud Service

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    • Always make sure that not-so-essential files are stored in third-party cloud storage services. If you have lots of photos, try using Google Photos and other free services.
    • Delete applications you are no longer using. To do this, you need to open your Settings and click the General option. After that, you will see the iPhone Storage section, which contains your installed apps.
    • You can also offload apps you are no longer using. This will allow you to retain the applications while saving storage. To do this, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Offload App.

    Other Tips You Need to Know

    Apple’s official Support website explained that there are some instances when you can no longer manually free up your storage.

    The tech giant manufacturer stated that if you receive the “Storage Almost Full” alert message, this means that you are required to delete certain apps or other files completely.

    But, the best thing you can do is check the storage recommendations of your iOS Device and follow them so that there will be no issue.

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