Joop Wow ad with a black panther

Joop! presented Joop! Wow! in 2017 as a new pillar fragrance. Fresh and woody, the composition was created by perfumer Christophe Raynaud. This masculine fragrance was followed by the feminine version in 2018 and two Eau de Parfum editions in 2019.

joop wow fresh

Now in 2021, Joop! presents Wow! Eau de Toilette Fresh, inviting you to “experience a new, surprising Wow! moment.”

Wow! Fresh is said to retain the unmistakable character of Wow!, now mixed with a new batch of fresh notes. The opening includes sparkling bergamot, lavender essence, and crushed violet leaves. The heart note adds masculine accents of geranium to the fresh, aromatic cocktail, which is gradually warmed up by sensual vanilla in the base.

joop wow fresh

The fragrance is available as a 40 and a 60 ml Eau de Toilette Fresh.





by Sanja Pekić