Treat yourself to an afternoon of decadence and creativity with the Hockney Inspired Afternoon Tea at the luxurious Rosewood London Hotel


Rosewood London, located in the center of London’s cultural sector, is known for its opulent accommodations, world-class dining experiences, and amazing art collection. The hotel’s newest offering, the Hockney Inspired Afternoon Tea, reflects its dedication to creativity and innovation. Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins has once again pushed the boundaries of classic afternoon tea, this time drawing inspiration from the great British artist David Hockney and his Lightroom: Bigger & Closer (not smaller and further away). Using projection and music to study the artist’s work, the exhibition presents 60 years of Hockney’s work in six chapters, spanning his lives in Yorkshire, Los Angeles, and Normandy.

The Inspiration Behind the Hockney Inspired Art Afternoon Tea

Incorporating his artistic talents, Chef Mark Perkins has taken the tradition of afternoon tea to a new level, creating unique and art-inspired pastries for guests to enjoy. “As a Pastry Chef, I’m always curious and try to draw inspiration from things that surround me. London is a vibrant city with an incredibly energetic art scene. Rosewood London’s quirky interiors reflect the British capital’s history, culture and sensibilities, featuring the works of some of the world’s most renowned artists, with contemporary pieces complemented by more traditional art throughout the hotel. Here are my latest creations inspired by David Hockney,” says Chef Perkins.

An Immersive Experience in the Mirror Room with ‘Hockneyfication’

Rosewood London has converted its Mirror Room into a Hockney-inspired fantasy in collaboration with stylist and set designer Camilla Wordie. Wordie has drawn influence from all aspects of David Hockney’s life, from his vivid and colorful artwork to his varied style and personality, to create a minimalist design for the display that elevates the actual Hockney-inspired experience. Visitors can find allusions to David’s fashion throughout the space, such as yellow crocs and a signature flat cap, all while savoring show-stopping art cakes by Chef Perkins.

The Latest Creations of Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins

The Hockney-inspired collection of pastries features three delectable creations. The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, painted in 2011, is part of Hockney’s series inspired by the landscapes of Woldgate. This pastry features a pistachio almond sponge with griottine cherry insert, cherry mousse based on a sable biscuit, and wrapped with a chocolate décor.

The Splash portrays a splash in a Californian swimming pool. Between 1964 & 1971, Hockney made numerous paintings of swimming pools. In each of them he attempted a different solution to the representation of the constantly changing surface of water. and Chef Perkins has created an Earl Grey chocolate bavarois, chocolate sponge, passion fruit insert, vanilla sable, and passionfruit chocolate décor for this pastry.

Finally, A Bigger Picture was part of Hockney’s first major exhibition that celebrated his long exploration and fascination with the depiction of landscape. This pastry features vanilla cheesecake, strawberry insert, lemon sponge, and vanilla almond sable, enrobed with purple glaze and chocolate leaves.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of David Hockney at Rosewood London Hotel and indulge in this creative and artistic experience. See the menu of the Hockney Inspired Art Afternoon Tea here

Past Afternoon Tea Experiences at Rosewood London Hotel

Rosewood London has previously presented distinctive and inventive art-inspired afternoon teas in addition to the Hockney Inspired Art Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Tea, for example, was inspired by the great Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. This tea featured a variety of sweet and savory treats inspired by Picasso’s work, including an edible rendition of his renowned artwork “Guernica.”

Another example is the Yayoi Kusama Afternoon Tea, which was created in honor of the well-known Japanese artist recognized for her vivid, whimsical work. The tea included bright and fun delights including a red velvet cake shaped like a polka dot pumpkin and a green tea and mango mousse inspired by Kusama’s distinctive dots.

At Rosewood London, afternoon tea is more than just a meal; it is a true experience that mixes art, culture, and culinary excellence. The hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins is clearly committed to pushing the boundaries of afternoon tea, as evidenced by their constantly changing and creatively inspired menus.