How to enter the new year with aplomb? Simply channel Kate Moss in Charlotte Tilbury’s new Beautiful Skin Foundation campaign, which launches today. Emphasising that dreamy golden glow she’s synonymous with, as well as a mane of mussed-up beach hair, let these images of Moss inspire your 2022 mood.

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Having enlisted the help of her longstanding friend to promote the new foundation – which has been years in the making – Tilbury has finally bestowed the brilliant lightweight new formula upon us. A quick ticket to beautiful skin, as its name would suggest, consider it a wise purchase if you like your skin to look luminous, plump and healthy, but without heavy make-up.

It expertly obscures marks and blemishes but still creates real-looking skin, and contains an array of skin-boosting ingredients, from rose complex and hyaluronic acid to bixa orellana seeds, which help to prevent oiliness and spots. Impressive clinical trials indicate that users saw a 285 per cent boost in radiance. Available in 30 different, ultra-blendable shades that sync with your natural skin tone, there is one for everyone.

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£34, available at on 6 January.

Moss herself has been trialling the product for some time, after Tilbury gave her samples to try while they were on holiday. “It’s so easy to use yourself, it makes me feel my most beautiful, confident self, every day,” she says, reminiscing on some of the memorable shoots the pair have done together. In fact, Moss touts the campaign shoot as “one of my favourites”, along with British Vogue’s own “Going for Gold” shoot, another time Tilbury created skin to die for on her friend.

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Moss in the “Going for Gold” shoot that her and Tilbury worked on.

“Charlotte did an incredible job on the make-up [in that shoot], I love the strong red lip and contouring – she made my skin radiate, giving it a gorgeous healthy glow,” Moss tells Vogue. “[The Beauty Skin Foundation campaign shoot] also shows Charlotte at her best, and this amazing product gives us all the chance to achieve our own individual beauty.”

Joining Moss in fronting the campaign is Bridgerton star, Phoebe Dynevor, and model Jourdan Dunn. “They illustrate the versatility of this product and our ambition to make beauty easy-to-use and easy-to-choose for everyone, everywhere,” says Tilbury. Amen to that.