Kendall Jenner brings style to the airport in the Gucci Valigeria 2024 campaign, exuding jet-set chic. Alone in the spotlight after last year’s ads with Bad Bunny, Jenner showcases the Savoy collection. She exudes an effortless allure with travel bags that pop with neon orange and lime green details.

Kendall Jenner for Gucci Valigeria 2024 Ad

The images elegantly captured by Anthony Seklaoui, see Jenner traversing the airport with nonchalant elegance, framed in paparazzi-style imagery that conveys motion and spontaneity. Alastair McKimm, styling the looks, pairs the statement luggage with pared-down, minimalistic ensembles.

They range from a sleek all-black turtleneck and cropped trousers set to a classic pairing of a leather jacket with high-waisted jeans, proving that travel wear can be both comfortable and chic.

Under the creative vision of Sabato De Sarno and the artistic guidance of Riccardo Zanola, the campaign makes the travel bags serve as central characters in the photo shoot.

Jenner’s involvement extends beyond Gucci’s luxurious range. She is also the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s spring collection, continuing to dominate the fashion scene with her dynamic presence.