Identified in myth as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Kythira is simply one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It is also one of the most unique, not fitting in easily to any of the main island groupings (Cyclades, Ionian etc).

The island features old Venetian castles, verdant hills, pristine beaches (such as Kaladi, Kombonada and Halkos) and many foreign visitors (especially French and Italian) who either return year after year, or did one better and moved to the island permanently.

The road network is not the most ideal but don’t let that stop you from exploring the many different villages: pass by the quiet, whitewashed Chora and the pretty seaside village of Avlemona (with a number of family-friendly seafood tavernas); head to Kapsali for drinks and nightlife and the village of Potamos where the music-cafe Astikon is open 20 hours a day and frequently organizes live music events and is famous for its freshly squeezed lemonade, served either virgin or with rum, vodka, gin or tequila.