Looks like Lady Gaga is adding a new notch to her belt soon. According to reports, Mother Monster is the face of Valentino’s newest perfume Voce Vica. The ads will debut in September.

“Lady Gaga means freedom, self-consciousness, pure heart,” Pierpaolo Piccoli, the brand’s creative director told WWD in a statement. “Her participation in this campaign elevates the symbolic power of the project to the highest level.

“She is the icon of a generation,” he continued. “Her message of freedom, passion for art, self-consciousness and equality is the same

[as what] our Valentino community stands for.”

The name of the fragrance’s name translates into Living Voice — talk about made for one another. As we all know by now, Gaga is a powerhouse, classically trained vocalist. Earlier this year she hosted a blowout concert special and to close that event she, alongside other living voices Celine Dion, John Legend, and Andrea Bocelli, belted the hell out of “The Prayer.” This, of course, came before the release of her latest album Chromatica. The Valentino Beauty team said that Gaga was their first choice for the project.

“Be yourself, love who you are and never give up your dreams,” Gaga said in a statement about the gig.

While the brand hasn’t revealed the notes of the fragrance, they have specified that it’s not for any specific gender. according to the team, Piccioli thanks about “individuals” when conceptualizing projects. And honestly, we love to see it.