Moscow is rich with history of both the country, religion and world history. Aside from the many historical sites, Moscow in the winter is very fairytale-esq. All of these have rich historical significance but also fun winter activities.

Red Square: “Red” means beautiful. A market square and a place for coronations and decapitations. In more recent years has hosted a range of events from military parades to rock concerts and a ski rink every winter.

Novodevichy Convent: Remained intact since 1524. Once was where site of prison to women from royal Russian families who had become tedious or disobedient. Was named UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. Also good for sledding in the winter.

Sanduny Banya: A 200 year old hot steam institution that have previously served Russian culture as a place to cure colds, detox, gossip or talk business amongst business partners. People have also been known to visit in hopes of nude celebrity sightings as it is frequented by Russian singers, actors and politicians. Makes for a great retreat from the cold. 😉