Mythical Blue Santorini- Luxury Suites

The location of Mythical Blue has special historical value, as in older times there were the residences of the Catholic monks of the island. One of the Catholic priests in this region was Don Paschalis. Son of Anthony Mytilineos and Maroulidis Ruben, Paschalis studied theology and music in Rome.

He was ordained priest in 1890 and served as chaplain to the church of St. Anthony of Padua in Kontochori Santorini. According to testimonies of compatriots, Don Paschalis was a strong and influential personality among the population of the island, a dear priest and a highly skilled musician, who with the particular musical knowledge played an important role in the cultural history of Santorini in the first half of the 20th century.

The contribution of the musical life of the island was decisive: Don Paschalis originally created the mixed church choir of the Catholic Diocese of Santorini and then a philharmonic band, which played at events and parades. Several of the members of the Philharmonic were young (Orthodox or Catholic) for whom Don Paschalis delivered unpaid music lessons, considering it as thought, holy debt.

He lived in a big house built in 1855, half of which was a cave, along with his beloved sister, which has now been carefully renovated into the luxury Mythical Blue Santorini Suites. In the earthquake of 1956, the favorite instrument of Don Paschalis, the famous organ of tomato, was completely destroyed. In late April 1957 Don Paschalis died at age 91 years. The legacy of this distinguished composer is important for both the artistic and musical educator of content and for its historical value, and reveals important information on a last and very interesting season.

Following the unique architecture and Cycladic landscape Mythical Blue Suites have been detailed designed to offer elegance and comfort.he fairytale scenery of the Cyclades, with magical sunsets, the rocky cliffs that sink into the deep blue waters is the perfect place for a romantic wedding.

Santorini is one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations all over the world. All you need to do is to choose a date.

Mythical Blue Luxury Suites creates for you the most important moment of your life and the conditions for a beautiful unique Wedding Ceremony.

The veranda overlooking the sunset and the volcano is the perfect choice for romantic weddings, glamorous wedding receptions and a dreamy honeymoon.

The Wedding Kit selection menu is made and signed by Michelin Chef so your tastes will become a lifetime experience.

Our suites are the perfect nest for the Honeymoon through their privacy and idyllic views.






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