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One of the stars of this month’s twin covers made her auspicious debut on the front of this magazine almost 35 years ago. The other? Well, she is a little newer to the game. Naomi Campbell – supermodel, superwoman – is one of my oldest friends, and it has been a huge personal joy for me to see how she has taken to a life-changing new role since last spring: supermother. For the first time, she introduces us, and the world, to her daughter – now nine months old – and talks to Vogue’s European deputy editor Sarah Harris about her transformative first year of parenthood.

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It being March, this is of course our big spring fashion issue. All the trends – from the definitive new skirt length (short) to the bold colours to know – are mapped out. Throughout these pages you will see how a distinct focus has woven its way through our new-season coverage: the body. Writer Maya Singer chronicles how fashion is embracing the re-emergence of our bodies, uncloaked after a long stretch of hibernation, and ready to feel the warmth and newly cherished freedom as the first days of spring approach. Of course, the focus is on bodies in all their forms, all their glory, at any age, at any size. It’s all about fashion that empowers, that dares the wearer to love themselves, to have fun and embrace the confidence that can be found in simply being you.

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It is a theme that has also been picked up by our essayists this month. Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director, writes in detail for the first time about the harrowing experience of suffering first and second-degree burns after an accident at his Paris home. His recovery has been excruciating, and brought a deep re-evaluation of his priorities. His thoughts on perfectionism and self-worth truly hold a lesson for all. Meanwhile, journalist Eva Wiseman takes a deep dive into the modern, multifaceted world of pain and its management – another must read.

Lastly, we take a trip to the movies, with photographer Greg Williams and stylist Law Roach embarking on a world tour to capture 25 of the brightest screen talents as we head towards Bafta and Oscar nights. Film and fashion are always a potent combination for us here at Vogue and, as cinema finds its feet again after the challenges of the past couple of years, I hope you find the joyful exuberance – the serotonin-boosting glamour – of a little Hollywood dazzle as uplifting
as I do. Enjoy.

The March 2022 issue of British Vogue is on newsstands on Tuesday 22 February.