For several years now, Paris town hall is tackling the issue of the rehabilitation of abandoned metro stations. There are 14 of them in town and different projects have been suggested to transform these spaces, particularly by the former town hall candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (as it is shown in the tweets below). From a swimming pool to a disco club, the ideas are not lacking. However, it seams that one of these several outlines will be finally realized. It concerns the station Croix Rouge, the former line 10 terminus, situated between Sèvres-Babylone and Mabillon. As part of the contest launched by the Mayor Anne Hidalgo “Réinventer Paris 2” (Reinventing Paris), Novaxia won the competition to create a gourmet restaurant into the former subway station. The plan will be led with the contribution of the architecture studio Same Architectes and it will bear the very appropriate name “Terminus”.

The spot is not yet assigned but, as the website TimeOut suggested, we have already some of the most likely to be chosen names : the bar Syndicat, elected the best in Paris in 2018, the gourmet school Ferrandi, the prestigious coffee makers Brûlerie de Belleville and the eco-friendly firm against waste Too Good to Go. A news that will certainly interess the greediest of us !