After the rest of the world was introduced to Royaume with their hit single “Miho Beach”, the Paris-based duo Royaume continue to gain attention and praise from critics around the world as the next big pop sound coming from the cities burgeoning synth-heavy underground scene. Thier latest dream pop single “If We” is a showcase of the powerful and melodic vocals that the group can so masterfully intertwine with a complex electronic production -includes subtle vocal alterations, upbeat synth melodies, and varying analog sound effects. It’s not easy injecting attitude into a dream pop song, but Royaume dance that fine line to produce an infectious anthemic sound.

Themes of strong female empowerment are represented throughout the video. Lead singer Yumi Aoki further explained how, “it’s important to build a strong self-confidence, especially for women. A strong voice that speaks to your values can ensure awareness and manifest change. Intersectionality, diversity and inclusivity are the future.” Keep this group on your radar if they aren’t already!