All about Parocks, one of the most anticipated hotel openings in Paros


Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa is one of the most exciting hotels that are making their debut in summer 2022. Located in Ambelas, on the east coastline of the island, Parocks is a luxurious refuge offering a unique view of the Aegean sea and the rocky landscape of Paros which has inspired its name.

Resembling a typical Cycladic neighborhood, Parocks features five buildings that lay around the public areas, the pool, the spa and the restaurant. With emphasis to privacy, the hotel boasts 8 suites with a private pool, 19 rooms with a jacuzzi and 13 with a private pool. Almost all suites and rooms have spacious outdoor areas with unobstructed sea views, allowing guests the most authentic experience of Greek summer. In complete harmony with the Cycladic minimalism, the interior design focuses on mild earthy colors, simple forms, natural materials and contemporary touches which create a laid-back yet luxurious atmosphere.

3 more reasons why we can’t wait to check in at Parocks Luxury Hotel & Spa: 

  1. The restaurant: Offering a menu that combines traditional Greek flavours, local raw materials and modern gastronomic trends
  1. The spa: A true oasis of rejuvenation and wellness, Parocks Spa features an indoor pool, Turkish bath, sauna, treatment rooms and gym.
  2. The off-the-beaten-track location: Parocks is just a breath away from cosmopolitan Naoussa but at the same time offers a private oasis of calmness to its guests. The picturesque port of Ambelas and the beautiful beach of Damoulis, two of the well-hidden secrets of Paros, are a few minutes’ walk.