With plans for the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That ramping up (shooting is reported to start this spring), perhaps it makes some sense that New York City’s Number One Hustler is feeling a little bit more Carrie lately. Hopefully, we don’t make this sound too calculated, since we know that’s not something SJP cops to when it comes to the work she does keeping her store afloat and her employees … well, employed. But given how much Carrie must be on her mind at the moment, we don’t think it’s a bit surprising to see her out looking every inch Ms. Bradshaw in her style:

Come on, Carrie would be all over those knee socks in a hot New York minute. And she was never the type of gal who’d say no to a dirndl.

We don’t expect all that much agreement on this because it is entirely TOO MUCH, but we kinda love it, because it has that New York Fashion Girl feel to it that inevitably winds up charming us because we’ve known so many of that particular breed of New Yorker over the years.